3 Problems with Translation Agencies

In our last blog post, which you can read here, we gave you 3 tips to help you find the best translation agency. These tips can apply to any company/business you plan on working with, but it is so important to follow them when looking for a translation agency. Many complications can arise if research is not done. We did our own research and found 3 problems people often come across when working with an agency.

  1. Dishonest Quote

This is the main and biggest problem clients face. The process for every translation agency is about the same. The customer must first submit the documents they wish to be translated in order to receive a quote. Many agencies are dishonest and provide a low quote, but end up charging much more later on. Many larger agencies charge higher prices so that they can acquire larger marketing budgets and present flashy campaigns. On average, there is a $100 spike in the price of the initial fee quoted and the actual price paid by the customer.

At Loretta Murphy Translations, our team takes the time to go through all the documents that need to be translated. We develop a quote that follows our price list here. Every quote we provide is an honest one, and the price will not be increased later on unless more documents have been added.

  1. Turnaround Time

Not only are some translation agencies dishonest with their quotes, but also with their turnaround times. Their main focus is to make their services appear as appealing as possible by providing a short deadline. However, the deadline is usually not met and is extended by a few days, or sometimes weeks. This can be very frustrating for customers who are working with tight submission deadlines for government entities or post-secondary institutions, for example. Therefore, when a turnaround time is not met by an agency, it creates several problems for the customer.

At Loretta Murphy Translations, we quote reasonable turnaround times and we stick to them! If the documents we have received are text-heavy or if there are several files, we take that into consideration and provide you a deadline that will be met.

  1. Communication

When it comes to money, you want to be comfortable knowing exactly where it’s going and how it’s being used. It is much more comforting to know the translation process, as well as to have all your questions answered. Many agencies do not openly communicate. They either take too long to reply or don’t respond at all. Some only have one source of communication and are beyond hard to reach. There is no comfort in having an agency that does not answer questions, deal with your personal files and documents.

At Loretta Murphy Translations, we respond almost instantly to emails, phone calls, Facebook messages etc. We believe that you should feel comfortable paying us to translate your personal documents, and never have your questions unanswered.


The importance of doing research before working with a company cannot be stressed enough. If you would like to include Loretta Murphy Translations in your search, please do not hesitate to send us your documents for a quote.

We always like to hear from you at info@lorettamurphytranslations.com.

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