So, your invitation to apply has arrived. Now what?


After months of painstakingly filling out your online Express Entry Application the Government of Canada has officially invited you to apply for your Permanent Residence Status.

Your Invitation to Apply has arrived.

An Invitation to Apply—or ITA—is an official government document automatically generated and electronically sent to those candidates who scored the highest in their invitation round, based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). It is issued online through your Express Entry Profile.

If you have received an ITA for Permanent Residence, you must now prove that all the information you self-declared in your Express Entry Profile is actually true.

Here are 5 things you need to know to ensure the ITA process is the last step to calling Canada your place of permanent residence.


  1. You have 90 days after the ITA has been issued to officially decline or apply for PR status.

As part of the changes made to the Express Entry system at the end of last year, the ITA process now allows applicants 90 days to complete their permanent residence application. This is an increase from the 60 days previously allowed.

Once an ITA has been issued, you have the option to either decline or accept the invitation.

If you choose to decline the invitation—and you still meet the Express Entry Criteria—your profile will become active again. It will remain active until the original expiration date– 365 days following your initial submission—and will be considered in all future invitation rounds. Failure to officially decline within the 90 days will result in the immediate expiration of your application.

If you choose to accept the invitation, you must: go online and log into your account, review and validate your permanent residence application, complete the remaining questions and obtain and submit all documents that support your application. Failure to complete these tasks within 90 days will result in the rejection of your application.


  1. You must now submit all documentation that supports the claims you made in your Express Entry Profile.

A personalized document checklist is generated for all individuals who submit their electronic Application for Permanent Residence through their online profiles. This checklist helps identify all supporting documents required for every family member included on the application.

This documentation often includes but may not be limited to:

  • A copy of your valid passport
  • Language test results
  • Valid written job offer or LMIA 
  • Copies of post-secondary school transcripts
  • Educational Credential Assessments
  • Police Certificates
  • Birth and Death Certificates
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Proof of Settlement Funds
  • Children’s birth certificates, adoption papers or other relevant proof of custody papers
  • Medical examination

Because gathering all documentation can take awhile, it is highly recommended that you start the process when you initially set up your Express Entry Profile. And remember: all documentation must be submitted in English or French. If the original documentation is not in English or French, a certified translation will be required. (Please feel  free to send us your documents for a quote at


  1. All Express Entry Profiles are locked after an ITA is issued.

Once an ITA has been issued, your Express Entry Profile is locked. That means that it is no longer possible to make any changes to your Express Entry Profile.

If your circumstances change following the issue of an ITA, or you realize that there is misinformation in your profile, you are strongly encouraged to decline the invitation. Doing so will reactivate your profile and allow you to make the necessary changes. Your profile will once again be eligible for the next round.


  1. You will be held accountable for all incidences of misrepresentation.

Misrepresentation in your Express Entry Profile can come in two forms: direct misrepresentation and indirect misrepresentation.

Direct misrepresentation refers to instances in which the applicant is aware that they are providing misinformation or withholding important material facts from their applications. Examples may include openly denying the existence of a criminal record or claiming to work in a job or position you no longer hold.

Indirect misrepresentation is trickier. It refers to incidences of the applicant not consciously or indirectly providing misinformation. Examples may include a friend or relative providing incorrect dates in a reference letter, or an applicant themself being unclear about the date of certain relevant events.

All applicants are responsible for ensuring that the information provided in their Express Entry Profile matches the information contained in their supporting documents. It is vitally important, therefore, that you carefully review your profile before your final application. Failure to do so is considered a serious offense and can result in a 5-year ban from the Express Entry Pool.

  1. Be prepared to pay.

Applications are far from cheap. For most Permanent Residence applications, you will be required to pay a Right of Permanent Residence Fee. The cost is $490 CAN and applies to the principle applicant and all other names sponsored on the application. Dependent children, sponsored adopted children, and protected persons are all exempt. The RPR fee can be paid at the time of your initial submission. If your application through Express Entry does not result in an ITA you will be reimbursed. An RPRF loan is available.

In addition to the Right of Permanent Residence Fee, you will also be expected to cover the cost of your Permanent Residence card ($50 CAN). Securing documentation—and the respective certified translations—may also result in other costs.


For more information on our pricing for certified translation or to learn more about the ITA process, please contact us at


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